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"Evidence based - Early adopter"©

Hello and welcome, 

My Name is Dr. Ilan Gielchinsky, I am a Consultant Urological Surgeon specialising in Robotic surgery and Minimally invasive cancer surgery.


I was born in Jerusalem and studied medicine in the Hebrew University, then had my Urology training in Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Centre. 


After becoming a consultant, I was in-charge of the Urological services in Mount Scopus campus of Hadassah in Jerusalem. 


In order to incorporate "cut edge" technology to my surgeries I did a "Robotic and Minimal invasive cancer surgery" fellowship program at St. Vincent's hospital and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia, under the direct supervision of Prof. Phillip Stricker who is considered one of the world top surgeons in the field.


I use the Da-Vinci robotic system in order to operate, using key-holes instead of a traditional cut. This way the patient is able to recover quickly and experience minimal pain. The spectrum of operations I perform include Prostate, Kidney, Bladder and Ureter.


I use "Nano-Knife" (IRE) technique in selected cases in order to treat cancerous focus in the prostate instead of removing it ("Focal Therapy"). Another example of minimal invasive technique I use in prostate cancer is "Brachytherapy" (LDR&HDR). 


In order to accentuate  the diagnostic accuracy, and reduce the risk of infection and discomfort in prostate biopsies, I use "Biojet fusion system" for "Transperineal, MRI fusion, mapping biopsy" under general anaesthesia.  

I believe in transparent and open approach which encourages the patient and his family to ask questions and to participate in decision making. Key principal that guides my treatment is full availability of the surgeon to the patient and his family. 

Finally, I believe in early adoption of evidence based new techniques in order to give the best treatment for my patients. 


Please contact me for further information


Best regards


Ilan Gielchinsky M.D.  

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the Kinghorn Cancer Centre/ St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, Australia

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